Opex Watches :: Ballerine :: Regate

Opex is a young, audacious brand that embodies contemporary French sensibility. Designed in Paris for women and by women, Opex timepieces are the ultimate expression of trendy, stylish femininity. Each timepiece is different, surprising, and pertinent to today’s woman.

Inspired by the rhythm of the prêt-à-porter collections, Opex reinvents itself each season, and continually surprises and delights its customers with new expressions of the collection’s character.

Exceptional creativity set Opex watches apart from the pack – with their unusual colors, materials, shapes, quality and the style name engraved on the back. Each piece expresses an unparalleled individuality.

Contact: Delphine Hon Quadra
info@opexwatches.com  |  www.opexwatches.com