14 September 2010

Timex Group Announces US Student Winners for 2010/2011 Scholarship Award Program

MIDDLEBURY, CT (September 14, 2010) – Timex Group is proud to announce the US winners of the company’s Scholarship Award Program now in its 32nd year. This competitive program was implemented to encourage the children of full-time employees to pursue opportunities in higher education. In order to be considered, the applicants must be high-school seniors who are entering a four-year college.

Originally a US-based program, in 2009 the Timex Group Scholarship Award Program was expanded to include the sons and daughters of employees from the company’s international locations. 43 students from the United States, Hong Kong and the Philippines applied for the 2010/2011 scholarships, of which, the following 10 American students were awarded:

  • Erin Daly – Bristol, CT

  • Stephanie Esplin – Southbury, CT

  • Lauren Grabowski – Sylvania, OH

  • Lauren Hendrix – Phoenix, AZ

  • Amber Pate – Bridgeport, CT

  • Nicholas Pecoraro – Bentonville, AR

  • Steven Piscatelli – Weston, CT

  • Daniel Rinaldi – Watertown, CT

  • Roger Saleeby – Southbury, CT

  • Victoria Vandergrift – New Hartford, CT

Winners also included 20 students from the Philippines.

With the aid of a third party organization that specializes in the evaluation and scoring of scholarship applications, the Timex Group Scholarship Committee reviewed each applicant based on a comprehensive list of criteria which included the following: SAT or ACT scores (if utilized in the country); high school transcripts, written recommendation from a high school academic teacher or counselor, class ranking, and a statement of honors and activities for each year of high school. Students were required to submit a written narrative talking about their significant accomplishments, extra curricular activities, hobbies, primary interests, volunteer work, paid employment and their future plans and goals.

The student winners will receive the award at the start of each school year during his or her four years of study providing they maintain continuous enrollment.