15 June 2011

UNLTD Timepieces by Marc Ecko Launches “Indie for Life” Campaign

Fashion Entrepreneur Spreads Message of Independence Through Facebook Fan Engagement – Enlists Big Names to Help

MIDDLEBURY, CT (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – UNLTD Timepieces by Marc Ecko, synonymous with independent fashion and stylish time telling, announced today the launch of “Indie for Life,” a Facebook-based campaign that will focus on what it means to be “indie.” “Indie for Life” will offer fans various content throughout 2011, including live chats and Q&A content with indie time changers, polls, sweepstakes, special offers on watches, but most importantly, a focus on celebrating the indie lifestyle, offering insights into how successful independent people have carved their own way in business, culture and the arts. “Indie for Life” can be found at facebook.com/eckowatches.

"One aspect of this campaign we are really excited about is called ‘The Marc Ecko Time Chamber,’ said Marc Ecko Watches spokesperson Stephen Scholz. “‘The Marc Ecko Time Chamber’ will be an opportunity for our fans to participate in a live video chat with a well known indie superstar.” Scholz said that The Marc Ecko Time Chamber’s first scheduled chat will be on June 17, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, whose recent book, “Delivering Happiness,” shows how a very different kind of corporate culture is a powerful model for achieving success and happiness.

“That’s what we’re after and what we want to convey,” said Scholz, “Our fans want to reach success on their own terms, and what better way to learn than from someone who has succeeded in doing that? Success doesn’t always mean having to climb the corporate ladder or play by someone else’s rules – there’s a very real sense of achievement that comes from just being your own boss, and like we say, ‘keepin’ it indie.”

When users participate in the chat, they’ll also have the chance to enter to win a watch model chosen and worn by the featured indie leader. After each chat session, fans will also have the opportunity to purchase the same Marc Ecko® watch at a discounted price, but Scholz stressed that the offer was limited to first responders and while supplies last.

The Facebook destination will also be where fans of UNLTD Timepieces can stay updated on news, global happenings, and new product launches.

“We want this to be a celebration of the indie lifestyle,” Scholz said, “Whether it’s business, culture, the arts, blogging, there are no limits to the new ideas hatching every day. This is what the Marc Ecko brand has always been about, and we want to spread that. We think this will be a great and innovative way to encourage others to get out and pursue their passions, by letting them interact with others who have.”

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