Robert Butler

Robert Butler

Senior Vice President and Global CIO
Timex Group

Robert Butler is Senior Vice President and CIO of Timex Group B.V., a position to which he was appointed in July 2011.

Prior to joining Timex, Mr. Butler was Executive IT Services Director at NCR, a $5 billion Self Service, Financial, Retail and Services solutions company. Prior to joining NCR, Mr. Butler was CIO of OCé North America, a $4.1 billion Dutch office-products company headquartered in the Netherlands.  Before that he was CIO at Imagistics Corp., a $725 million Pitney Bowes office products spin-off.

During his career, he played a defining leadership role in numerous initiatives, including implementing a number of successful business transformation initiatives, several Global ERP implementations, outsourcing initiatives, shared services initiatives, acquisitions and Governance Process & Project Management Portfolios.

Mr. Butler graduated from Sacred Heart University and received a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in computer science from the University of New Haven.